The Importance of Core Strength for (most) Back and Neck problems

In my personal experience, and that of many of my patients, when we get strong – especially core strength – we have less daily discomfort and less aggravating neck and back pain and stiffness.

Be Smart Train Smart

Yes, regardless of whether you have herniations, bulges etc. If you have had images taken of your spine and you have visible “damage” you CAN still lead a healthy and pain-free life IF you take great care of yourself and monitor yourself well.  Always consult your doctor first.

Most importantly, listen to your body. Don’t let any back pain go on for too long (more than a day) without addressing it by any means you know works for you. Resting, stretching, taking a warm bath….there are many ways to find relief. Yet, getting strong is a good way to prevent back pain from recurring.

Core strength is key. Safely strengthening is also key. If strength training is done improperly and without good quality supervision – especially at the start –  then more harm than good will be done.

Many people resist strength training – for various reasons – yet I know for sure that when done well it can relieve much back and neck pain. So if you REALLY want to feel better it is worth the time, effort and money. WELL worth it.

Strength training with a qualified trainer has given me years of comfort after 20 years of pain. Many of my patients and friends have also felt dramatic relief from sciatica to broken back pain through core strength training.

I recommend a trainer who uses MedX machines (or any very stabilizing method) and the training is one on one. This will ensure proper and safe progression.

Call me at 561-350-8406 for specific recommendations of safe trainers.

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