Springtime & Emotions

Are you experiencing a bit more emotional stress than usual?

Are you feeling that everything & everyone is against you?

How about physical symptoms such as headaches, migraines, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety attacks, PMS?

Why, you ask? It’s springtime!
And in Chinese Medicine, a comprehensive and evolving system of medicine dating back over 5000 years, we relate springtime to the Wood element. The Wood element represents the Liver & the Gallbladder, which in turn, control your emotions. So the Wood element is at its peak right now & if it’s out of balance, springtime is most common for emotions & physical symptoms such as these.

The Wood element also represents growth & renewal. Similar to a tree, the function of the Wood element can either be rooted and flexible like reeds of bamboo or strong and unyielding like the rigid trunk of an oak tree. A person with a balanced Wood element will adapt their plans with the changing world, while those out of balance will settle into frustration, anger, and depression.

Which sounds better to you?

If you desire to be in control of your emotions instead of your emotions being in control of you, or you are experiencing any of the physical symptoms mentioned above or other chronic symptoms such as cardiovascular problems, chronic fatigue, back and joint problems, never fear! The Wood element can be put back into balance with what we simply have in our kitchen, the right amount of exercise, and acupuncture.

Each person is individual in respect to their particular physical condition and emotional states and may need a comprehensive understanding as to treatment protocols and plans. Feel free to contact me for support in this area of your life or if you are experiencing any other feelings of disharmony or imbalance.

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