Free 6 Week Cleanse Support Group


Let’s Help Each Other! Join me for a Free 6 Week Cleanse Support Group starting Tuesday Jan 6th and ending Tuesday Feb 17th. Located at my Office in Delray Health and Beauty, 777 East Atlantic Avenue, Suite A102, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Let’s support each other while we eliminate and avoid foods that may be causing an unhealthy reaction in our body—for long enough to notice a difference.

True detoxification can take many weeks and even months. Let’s get to the root of our disharmony!

Some reasons why one might decide to do a nutritional cleanse are; to increase daily energy level, to mitigate current symptoms,*  to prevent chronic illness and most importantly, to improve the state of our digestive systems.

You will choose your dietary plan based on your own needs. I can help you choose at the first meeting. Some suggestions are: the “eat clean” plan, candida cleanse, anti-inflammatory, gluten-free.

Each week I will go over important tips on the importance of digestion and how to improve your digestive system. I will have a few guest speakers throughout.

Community Service – No Charge. Love Offerings are Gratefully Accepted.

Please Contact me with any Questions or to RSVP your spot.